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The threat of a nuclear Iran grows graver by the day. Scientists in Iran are coming closer to constructing and handing over a nuclear arsenal to their ruthless leaders. Iran has stated openly that it wants wipe Israel off the face of the earth as well as attack the United States. President Obama's economic sanctions and policy of appeasement is not working. The fate of millions is in jeopardy if we allow Iran to continue down the path its on. Get the Facts

Homeland Security

The events that occurred on 9/11 changed the way Americans and our leaders deal with travel, homeland security, and everyday life. The United States is faced with threats from Isalmist extremists, domestic and foreign, on a daily basis and our special forces teams work diligently to prevent them from happening. Unfortunately, President Obama is loosening the very policies that keep us safe from terrorism. Get the Facts


Terrorism is the global issue of our time and is the number one priorty for U.S. Security. Our special forces have unfoiled dozens of attempted attacks on U.S. soil since 9/11 and our strict security policies must remain in order for no attack to slip through the cracks. Get the Facts


Israel is a longtime friend and ally of the United States. It's important to focus on what Obama has actually done to protect Israel, especially what he is doing to stop Iran's nuclear program as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has made countless threats to "wipe Israel off the map." President Obama asked Israel to peel back to it's 1967 borders and has expressed his annoyance with Israel. At a time when some nations do not recognize Israel's right to exist, we need to have their back and preserve our longstanding friendship with Israel. Get the Facts

Leading From Behind

Obama's leadership in regards to foreign policy is very different than the leadership America is known for. For generations, America has been the leader of the free world. Since Obama has taken office, he has put America in the back seat in regards to Libya, Iran, Israel, and Syria. We have become the last nation to speak up on tyrrany and the first nation to have a U.S. President bow down to a foreign head of state. We must not apologize for our great nation. We must restore global confidence in America as the leader of the free world. Get the Facts

Arab Spring

In the name of what he thinks is democracy, Obama has proposed billions of dollars in aid to help fund the Arab Spring uprisings in the Middle East and North African countries. He even advocated for a longtime U.S. ally, Hosi Mubarak, to step down as ruler of Egypt so that the Muslim Brotherhood could take over. This is the same Muslim Brotherhood that has enthusiastically applauded Osama bin Laden and has vowed to break Egypt's peace treaty with Israel. At a time when our nation is $16 trillion in debt, we ought to elect a President who does some research on who is receiving U.S. aid and what their true intentions are. Get the Facts

Politics Over Policy

Obama has recently stated the biggest mistake of his Presidency has been focusing on more storytelling than policy and it's showing. He has taken credit for the work of previous President's and our military in regards to our victories overseas and he has chosen to not speak on issues in fear it will hurt his reelection chances. Our safety depends on a President who is committed to putting foreign policy over politics. Get the Facts

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